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Throckmorton County consist of 915sq miles of ranch and farm land in the "Big Empty" region of northern Texas. Directly east & west between Lubbock and Dallas, and north & south between Wichita Falls and Abilene, our rural community thrives off of agriculture, oil, wind energy, and wholesome country values! Our county is home to three small towns, Throckmorton (pop. 642), Woodson (pop. 235), and Elbert (pop. 31).


The county courthouse, located in Throckmorton

The county was created in 1858 and later organized in 1879. It is named after William Throckmorton, an early settler on the north Texas frontier. During the 1870s and 1880s millions of head of beef cattle were driven from South Texas to the railways in Kansas, directly through Throckmorton County on their route. Present day US Highway 183 follows this trail.

The history of Throckmorton County has continued to be made since it's late 1800's establishment and each business, ranch, family, church and school since then has played a vital role in making it the great place it is today. We hope you will visit the area some day soon and grow to value it as much as we do.

Throckmorton County, "Capital of Cow Country"

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